James O'Brien's Question For The Daily Mail Goes Viral

24 November 2016, 10:59 | Updated: 28 November 2016, 09:40

James O'Brien disbelieving

Yesterday, a white supremacist terrorist was convicted of the murder of a serving MP. So why doesn't the Daily Mail mention it until page 30? James O'Brien asks if they would have responded the same if the murderer was a Muslim?

Thomas Mair was given a whole-life tariff after being convicted of the killing of Jo Cox at the Old Bailey yesterday in a court case that revealed he had Nazi links.

That made the front pages of a number of newspapers - but not the Daily Mail, who don't mention it until page 30. That decision stunned James O'Brien.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "The Daily Mail has chosen to put the murder by a neo-Nazi of a serving British MP - and by her own husband's account, a mother who put her children ahead of anything career-wise - on page 30.

"I don't really understand why. Unless a murder by a neo-Nazi is less offensive to the sensibilities of the editor of this newspaper than a murder by a radical Islamist.

"Surely any fully-functioning moral compass would be equally disgusted by both.

"For people to use terror and death to pursue a political or an ideological goal in a civilised, peaceful society, it doesn't matter what colour the killer is, does it?

"Or what religion they are? Or what ludicrous, violent ideology they are trying to pump. The point is it is violent. It's ideological. White supremacy, radical Islam, they are both equally vile, equally repugnant.

"And yet, if this woman had been murdered by a Muslim? Page 30? You think?"