LBC listeners say this James O'Brien caller should be on SAGE

6 November 2020, 12:38

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien and LBC listeners tell this caller she should be on SAGE after she made this point about the NHS.

Caller Avril wanted to respond to anti-lockdown protesters by reminding them that only a few years ago where "every winter" the NHS was "completely overrun" with patients lining the corridors - and this was without Covid.

"NHS has not got the capacity to be able to have these extra people who are going to be extremely ill," she said, "my daughter's had it, my son-in-law's had it...and they were extremely poorly. This isn't the average flu."

She branded the people refuse to believe the harm of Covid as "dangerous" because they will "be the people who spread it."

To those people, she had a message: "Go and visit intensive care, and then say that we haven't got a problem."

James corroborated her point, "You should be doing these press conferences!"

Avril said the Government have not got the economics "quite right" and while they're doing their best, they "absolutely need to do better."

"If that's the best that they can do then obviously someone else needs to come in and do that," she said, "how they do that, I don't know. I haven't got the answers to that. First time it's a mistake and the second time is not and we've had too many mistakes. It's not the NHS who are getting it wrong, it's the Government."

James agreed, "It's not doctors and nurses who have cut beds and cut funding, it's the people currently in charge of dealing with the pandemic."

He posited that the people who are opposing the second lockdown, which was "the right thing to do", are doing so merely to stoke up division in the country.

"I think it's really sad that it takes a pandemic for people to become so neighbourly and community aware...we should be like that everyday," Avril said, "we get so wrapped up in our everyday lives...I'm not judging but sometimes you just need to stop and see what's around us."