Leave Caller's Arguments Turned On Their Head By James O'Brien

26 November 2018, 11:55

This Brexiteer insisted that leaving the EU is like leaving a golf club - but his argument ended up completely falling apart under questioning from James O'Brien.

Gareth made a number of claims during his call, but ended up having to row back on them after James made some counter-points.

He started by arguing for deregulation of the financial sector, stating that "regulation stifles innovation".

But when James pointed out that the financial crash in 2008 was caused by not having enough regulation in the US markets, he claimed he had never argued against regulation.

He then said: "When you leave a golf club, you can still go and play golf there and play."

But he had to admit James was right when he responded: "Not at Gleneagles. Try to do that at Gleneagles.

"Unless you can afford to take out a hotel room at Gleneagles, which would involve paying Gleneagles a fortune in the short term whenever you wanted to play.

"But of course, that is what passporting was brought in to prevent the financial sector from having to do."

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

As the call got increasingly tetchy, James summed up: "You won mate, get over it. You got what you wanted.

"This deal was all that was ever on the table, unless you believe that you could somehow leave a golf club but end up with more rights, freedoms and access to the golf course than people who have carried on being members of the golf club.

"Which is exactly what you said when you first got on the line."