Caller Living With Body Dysmorphia: "I Used Sandpaper To File My Teeth"

17 October 2018, 13:42

A man living with body dysmorphia told James O’Brien how his condition originally started when he filed his own teeth with sandpaper.

Bee spoke openly about his battles with cosmetic surgery, which has also included a hair transplant and treatment around the eyes.

The conversation was sparked after an advert for breast enhancement surgery shown during the ITV reality show Love Island was banned.

The Advertising Standards Authority agreed with complaints that the ads, for MYA Cosmetic Surgery, were irresponsible and harmful.

Bee said his condition goes back to being teased about his appearance by his siblings.

James O'Brien
Picture: LBC

Body dysmorphia often involves obsessive worrying over perceived flaws about a person’s own appearance.

“I had braces at the age of 27,” Bee told LBC.

“I was happy for a short time, but then I thought I’ve spent a lot of money and they’re not really perfect, so I took out sandpaper and I started filing my teeth.”

He has sought treatment, but continues to struggle with the condition.

“I know there is an illness here,” he added.

“What is the real me? I don’t even know”.

You can hear Bee's story in full above.