Man Killed Himself After Being Denied Universal Credit

15 June 2018, 14:01

Last year, Dan called LBC to reveal that Universal Credit is leaving people with mental health issues. Today, he told us that one of his tenants committed suicide after being denied payments.

Dan rents out a series of properties around the country, many of whom are on Universal Credit, putting him in a perfect position to see how the new system affects the lives of people who are struggling.

And he got extremely emotional as he told James O'Brien about how some of his tenants have been left without any help by a benefits system that is supposed to help them.

Dan revealed that he tenants are struggling so much for money under the new system, they are begging for food and money. He said they are suffering from mental health problems because of their lack of money - with one turning all the gas rings on to try to end his life.

Today, as James O'Brien was discussing Universal Credit again, Dan called back to reveal the tragedy that followed.

James O'Brien was visibly upset by the call
James O'Brien was visibly upset by the call. Picture: LBC

He said: "Unfortunately, the chap who I previously spoke about, he killed himself in our apartment. About two weeks after, there was a payment made to him.

"He was known the local authorities. His mental health was getting worse due to the fact that he couldn't afford to do anything.

"It's a spiral that starts at the bottom with one person and affects so many other people."

Watch Dan's original call below.