The Man Who Wants Brexit Because Of Jam Ingredients...

14 May 2019, 16:58 | Updated: 14 May 2019, 17:37

This pro-Brexit caller told James O'Brien he wants to leave the European Union because of food colouring in jam.

When Matthew said the UK 'couldn't impose rulings without them being pushed up the European Courts of Justice', James asked which law he wanted to not have to obey.

But when the caller struggled to name one, he turned to the EU's rules on food safety over ingredients used in jam.

"Certain ingredients in jams to make them more flavoursome - we had to stop doing that because of European Union," he said.

And when James asked which ingredients, he named the food colouring.

"How does a colour make something taste more flavoursome?" James asked.

Matthew replied: "No, it was the way it was made and we were told to change it because it didn't sit with the European Union."

James said: "Because they thought it was carcinogenic!"

Jam. Picture: Getty

James continued: "It was an E number, some of them are approved by the EU and some of them aren't.

But when Matthew started to ask why the UK couldn't decide for itself, James finished by saying: "You're right why can't we poison our population, damn that EU for protecting us from the kind of stuff that unscrupulous producers...

"Mate you were eating horse meat three years ago, pal.

"You want to be protected from producers that put horse meat in your lasagna?

"Or do you want to remove all the regulation so they can stick whatever they your jam or your lasagna or whatever it is you're having for your tea?"

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