Matt Lucas talks Thank You Baked Potato Song with James O'Brien

6 April 2020, 14:43 | Updated: 6 April 2020, 14:56

By Fiona Jones

Matt Lucas talked to James O'Brien about his reworked Thank You Baked Potato Song which promotes the key messages about social distancing during the pandemic.

The song is currently number two in the top forty and has already £854,000 in 10 days.

Matt Lucas explained how he was watching the news and it was reported that people were still going out and "it was making me anxious as an asthmatic."

The original Thank You Baked Potato Song was mentioned on Twitter and "it occurred to me in the moment to rewrite the lyrics," he said, thinking that maybe 500 people would see it.

"Within about 48 hours it had had about three million views and it had started to gain momentum and people were doing their own versions of the was becoming viral," he said.

He wanted to communicate to children with this song, acknowledging that children are used to routines and now their lives have been entirely upturned.

All the proceeds of the song is going to the FeedNHS charity Matt Lucas founded with others, including food chain Leon, to ensure NHS workers are fed.

He said the charity has received so much money that FeedNHS is branching out of London; he encouraged frontline staff to get in touch and the charity would work with eateries in their local area as well.

While he wrote the song, Matt said the heroes of this tale are Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory and John Vincent, CEO of Leon as they have been working tirelessly on the mechanics of how to get the money and food to people.

The original song was part of the panel show, Shooting Stars, back in the early 90s, but Matt Lucas has performed the new version a duet with Gary Barlow and has been approached by other rock stars to do the same.

You can download the song to donate or go to to give money.