The Message Of Defiance To Terrorists That LBC Listeners Loved

24 May 2017, 13:02

LBC listeners loved this message of defiance sent to James O'Brien.

Sarah sent in this email to LBC insisting that she will not change any part of her life due to terrorism.

She wrote: "Why are you being so rational about what we could do to make ourselves safer? This is not a time for being rational O'Brien, this is a time for knee-jerk reactions and hatred.

"I have no idea what could make us safer right now. No one can do anything to stop a lunatic from randomly attacking anyone anywhere. It is literally impossible. Surely that is the problem. That is what the problem is here.

"I don't feel any less safe than I did before the Manchester attack. I was supposed to go to the O2 tomorrow with my nine-year-old and we will still go if it's not cancelled.

"I also understand why everyone would not take their little girl to that concert now, but to me that is giving them exactly what they want. We, the non-terrorising people of the world are being punished for doing nothing wrong.

"They don't need to lock us up without trial, they are taking away our liberty by stopping us doing what we would and should have been doing. You can't stop someone else being bad by changing your own behaviour."