The Remarkable Moment A Deafening Bang Interrupts James O'Brien's Tunisia Report

27 June 2019, 14:59

This is the moment James O'Brien's report on the suicide bombing in Tunisia was interrupted by a deafening bang in which a suspect was shot by police.

Two suicide bombings targeting security forces in Tunisia's capital have injured at least nine people, with reports a police officer has also been killed.

One attacker detonated explosives in a busy commercial area near the French embassy in Tunis shortly before 11am local time.

James O'Brien was speaking to local reporter Simon Cordall live from the scene when this remarkable moment unfolded.

James O'Brien's shocked reaction as his reporter dives for cover
James O'Brien's shocked reaction as his reporter dives for cover. Picture: PA / LBC

As Simon was talking a huge bang can be heard before he shouts: "Woah!"

James checked if he was ok and he said: "Something just went bang. I don't know what. People are running in all directions. Oh Christ!"

He then clarifies it was a gunshot: "I think they've shot one of the suspects perhaps, certainly given the crowd reaction."

It was a remarkable and very dramatic moment on the radio - watch it at the top of the page.