James O'Brien Explains Why The Sun's Percy Pig Story Is Ridiculous

1 May 2019, 14:19 | Updated: 1 May 2019, 14:43

James O'Brien criticised The Sun's hysterical coverage of children's sweets no longer containing animal products.

Percy Pig sweets no longer contain animal products after beef gelatine has been removed from the ingredients.

James O'Brien explained on air that he was pleasantly surprised to discover this fact whilst trying to seek out an animal-free option for his vegetarian daughter.

He then turned to The Sun newspaper's coverage of the story who's front page story read: "M&S has been accused of killing Percy Pig - by sneakily turning all versions of the sweets vegetarian."

James continued "The editor of The Sun is man called Tony Gallagher who presumably signed off on this on the front page.

"It's almost as if the people that The Sun have told you to hate on for the last ten years - the muslims, the immigrants, the Romanians, the Poles, the trans people, the gays, the Pakistanis - none of it has turned out to be true.

"Who can we get you to turn on next because immigration isn't the reason that you're poor it's people like Rupert Murdoch, and he owns us so we can't mention him.

"So now we're going to go after vegetarians.

"That's the front page of the country's best selling newspaper today and you wonder why the population keeps voting to punch itself in the face."