Listeners Were Moved By This Call From A Primary School Teacher About Racism

16 July 2019, 20:43

This is the inspired and humbling call between James O'Brien and a primary school teacher from Manchester which moved LBC listeners.

Omar, a primary school teacher from Manchester called in to speak to James O'Brien,

When Omar said he hears children using racist language in his class James said: "Sometimes I'm glad of my bubble."

The teacher said it was important to take on the racism and "explore it with them."

He said he sits down and explains the offended person's feelings to the child to help them emphasise.

James pointed out that Donald Trump was not a primary school child, and he should not be making comments like that on Twitter.

James asked how Omar could explain to a child why he shouldn't do something that the President of the United States was doing.

"Because, you have to be honest" Omar said, adding that he would tell the children that elected politicians are "just normal people."

LBC host James O'Brien was clearly moved by Omar's words, at one point he said: "I love you" adding that his pupils were very lucky to be taught by him.

When James asked how he dealt with criticism from parents, Omar had the perfect answer.

Watch the whole thought provoking call in the video at the top of the page.

Listeners were moved to take to social media to praise Omar: