O'Brien: The Key Brexit Question As We Race Towards Election

18 April 2017, 13:11

James O'Brien says he can't get away from one crucial question about Brexit as we head towards a snap election in 51 days.

"What if the deal is bad?" asked James, during a remarkable show that saw him react to Theresa May's call for an election in just 51 days.

"Surely the only question you should be asking these politicians now is: do you really believe the EU is going to give us a better deal than the one which its 27 remaining states have?

"To which the answer is obviously no - but they're not honest enough to say that."

James continued, presenting what he said were the "three choices if you're a Brexit cheerleader." Here they are:

1. "Admit your mistake and apologise"

2. "Admit that the scale of the problems is greater than you foresaw and start offering solutions."

3. "Blame all the problems that are going to come up in the coming years on the European Union or, of course, on people who wished we'd never left it."

There is, also a fourth option as elucidated by James: "To defecate into your hands and then start clapping furiously.

"There's an awaful lot of that going on on social media today."