James O'Brien's penny drop moment about the Conservatives' election campaign

21 November 2019, 15:22

James O'Brien asked how we have entered an election campaign where the Conservatives are better at criticising their time in government than Labour are.

In a week that saw the first election debate, the LBC host realised that Tory candidates are appearing in the media to say how they can make things better, completely ignoring the fact they've been in power for the last nine years.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "This is an election where they Conservative Party completely disowned the fact that they've been in charge for the last nine years."

He picked out two moments in particular.

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Firstly, Matt Hancock tweeted about how people will no longer have to sell their houses to pay for social care.

James pointed out: "Who's been in charge for the last nine years? What did you do about this issue when you had the power to do stuff?"

Then he played an interview from Home Secretary Priti Patel, in which she insists that poverty is not the fault of the government, saying instead it is down to decisions by local government.

James explained: "Local government budgets are set by central government and central government since 2010 has cut that funding enormously.

"Social services have their every action controlled by central government and since 2010, they have been struggling under the burden of Universal Credit."

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