Pensioner confronts Sadiq Khan over removing free travel

3 July 2020, 12:37

By Fiona Jones

This pensioner Maureen confronted Sadiq Khan about removing free morning travel for over sixties.

Maureen told Mr Khan that TfL introducing charges for pensioners between 7am and 9am has really affected her as she is now spending £10 a day on travel which she cannot afford.

She explained that her travel is essential, as she looks after her grandchildren daily while her daughter goes to work.

"I hear from you that every journey matters, obviously my journey doesn't matter," Maureen said.

"I'm really sorry you've got to pay now to use buses before 9am," Mr Khan said, "when we do a deal with the government in October we'll try to get this changed...we'll try and see that the next part of the deal we do with the government will enable people like you to use a freedom pass before 9am."

Sadiq Khan told Maureen pensioners would be charged between 7am and 9am until October
Sadiq Khan told Maureen pensioners would be charged between 7am and 9am until October. Picture: PA/LBC

He explained the reason the government made this move was to reduce rush hour passengers, but acknowledged people with caring responsibilities are being penalised.

Maureen said it was not good enough and having lived in England for 55 years, after moving over from Ireland, this was the only thing she'd gotten free.

"I just can't afford £50 a week. My daughter's a teacher, she can't afford to pay me. What do I do? I'm in limbo."

Mr Khan reiterated that the charge will be there at least until the middle of October and once further negotiations are had TfL will know how far this charge is being extended.