'She's running out of data on her phone so can't access emails for free school meal vouchers'

26 January 2021, 11:01

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

One caller explains the impact of poverty on children and their education and how some kids cannot access food.

After the UK passed the grim milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths James O'Brien asked his listeners why Brits were dying at this rate.

Hala called in and told LBC her children are in a London school and one parent has messaged her asking for help.

She told James O'Brien the other parent needed help as she was "running out of data on her phone, and she can't access her emails to access her food vouchers."

"Oh my god," was James's instant reply, pointing out yesterday he discussed the issue of date with regards to homeschooling and how difficult it was for some pupils to access work.

The caller said it was "one case too many," which James agreed with, branding it "unforgivable."

Hala told LBC the part she found sad was the realisation that there was a "huge void" which has now come to the surface that all school pupils are no longer equal.

She pointed out children's education now depended on the resources available to them at home and how they can access the internet. 

James said the situation was "hellish."

The conversation comes just weeks after all of the UK's major mobile phone networks offered free data and unlimited broadband for children studying at home during the third national lockdown.