Aspiring Police Officer In Tears As He Puts Life On Hold To Care For Relatives

5 February 2019, 14:40

An aspiring police officer broke down in tears during a devastating call to James O’Brien about caring for his disabled mother and brother.

Amir, from London, became emotional as he shared his heartbreaking struggles to juggle both his personal and professional life alongside looking after his relatives.

He told the LBC presenter he had now quit his university course and taken a job demotion so he could move closer to his mother in Manchester - because the regular commute up north was all too much.

The heartbreaking call left James O'Brien lost for words
The heartbreaking call left James O'Brien lost for words. Picture: LBC

The Londoner had ambitions to became a police officer but has now had to put that on hold.

It’s as campaigners warned the number of people quitting their jobs to care for elderly or disabled relatives has surged to more than 600 a day.

“[My brother] asked me: ‘Can the NHS inject me something so that I die?’,” Amir said.

“This is a 35-year-old man who wishes to die because he doesn’t want his brother to look after him.

“He thinks I’m stopping my life because of it.”

The heartbreaking call left James O’Brien lost for words.