This Powerful Call Will Change The Way You See Homelessness

29 January 2018, 13:26 | Updated: 29 January 2018, 13:41

Jeff was once a succesful business owner until a series of tragic events meant he lost it all, including his home. His powerful story moved LBC listeners to tears.

The caller, from Watford, shared his tale in a bid to show how anybody can fall on hard times.

He was speaking after Jeremy Corbyn pledged to immediately provide 8,000 homes to homeless people should he win power.

Homeless - James O'Brien
Picture: PA/LBC

The Labour leader said the party would also help councils take over properties that were kept empty deliberately.

During his powerful and at times emotional call, Jeff said: “I was a high-rate taxpayer with a successful business.

“I was happily married and then… my business went bust, my creditors took everything, my wife passed away from cancer and just through a series of events I ended up homeless.

“Most of that time,18-months, was in hostels but some of it was on the street.

“Me and my friends used to sleep by air-conditioning units as they blew out warm air by a block of flats which had lots of vacant properties in it.”

He then went on to debunk the myth that those living on the streets were addicts.

“I know about 100 people who are still homeless and non of them have a drug or alcohol dependancy problem," Jeff continued.

“They were all just one pay cheque away from losing a home… This is going to become a massive issue.

“When a person’s debt bubble bursts and people can’t rely on their credit cards - I reckon there’s going to be an escalation in homelessness.

“We have to prepare now to house those decent, responsible people, all I needed was a base and a platform.

“I’ve now started a new business, I’ve got a new partner - I was just given that break.”

Watch the powerful call in fall above.