James O'Brien's Powerful Response To Listener Who Says He Doesn't Understand Brexiters

22 May 2019, 11:18

When an LBC listener told James O'Brien that he didn't understand the reasons people want to leave the EU, this was his passionate response.

As he discussed Theresa May's seemingly doomed Withdrawal Agreement Bill, Kez texted in to say James simply doesn't understand why people want to leave.

The text read: "James, you like a lot of the establishment, just don't get it. We don't care how difficult it is. We don't care how bad it will be for the economy. We don't care whether certain elements are possible or not. We just want to cut all ties to the EU and leave."

But James responded: "Mate, I do get it. I get it completely.

"I understand what you've just said and I think you believe it to be true. But my job is to say why. And when I say 'why do you want to cut all ties to the EU and just leave?' every single thing you say will be untrue.

"That's not your fault. 30 years have been spent pouring lies and poison into your ears.

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"You can tell me what you think and it feels like a valid position. But as soon as I say 'why do you think it?' then it all falls apart and you go away and get really cross with me.

"The idea that people understand what cutting all ties with the EU and leaving will entail is pie in the sky.

"And the only people telling you that it could work out anything other than appallingly are the same people that promised you blind that we would never leave with no deal because... and then you insert your own favourite aphorism here.

"They need us more than we need them. The German car industry wouldn't countenance it. It will be the easiest deal in human history. We could be like Norway. We could be like Switzerland.

"And they're all lying."