Rees-Mogg’s Comments ‘Go Well Beyond Brexit’ Says Doctor Nicholl

6 September 2019, 18:41

Doctor David Nicholl said the implications of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s comments “are massive” and “go well beyond Brexit.”

The consultant neurologist said the Conservative MP’s actions were “premeditated” and said it “happened in the House of Commons, so really he should address the House of Commons” with a personal apology.

Jacob Rees-Mogg used Parliamentary privilege to liken Dr Nicoll to discredited anti-vaccine campaigner Dr Wakefield on Thursday.

This was after Nicholl called in to LBC on Monday to ask what level of patient mortality rate Rees-Mogg would be happy with if the UK leaves the EU without an agreement.

After the week’s altercation with the Leader of the House of Commons, Doctor Nicholl said, “The question which I raised is still hanging in the air.”