Retired Detective Puts James Through His Paces For A Job In The Force

31 May 2017, 13:49

For the first time, a British police force is planning to hire people directly to become detectives without them working in uniform - but has James O’Brien got what it takes?

The Met is hoping the scheme will fill some of its 600 detective vacancies currently up for grabs in the force, with plans to recruit 160 trainees by this time next year.

Retired detective, Susan in High Wycombe, called James to give her two pennies’ worth on the proposals, explaining how tough it was working in the CID.

But, as the chat progressed, James couldn’t resist asking: “How long would it take for you to tell whether I’ve got the ‘right stuff’?”

The caller cheekily responded: “Well I think you probably have, you might have to learn some active listening skills.”

Susan continued to give James some bullet point tips on what he’d need to do in order to succeed in the force.

The first: “Believe no one and check everything and if you know what they’re going to say next then you’ve made your first error.”

Watch the pairs comical chat above.