Romanian Caller In “Penny Crashing Moment” Over Post-Brexit Residency

12 September 2017, 15:28 | Updated: 12 September 2017, 15:41

Alex is a Romanian who lives in Britain. But, after this conversation with James O’Brien, he was left uncertain about his right to residency in the UK post-Brexit.

Described as a “penny crashing moment” by some LBC listeners, the caller believed his residency in Britain was already secured as he was granted “indefinite stay” by the Home Office a couple of years ago.

However, James was quick to point out under current proposals by Theresa May, all three million EU citizens in the UK would have to reapply for permanent UK residency after Brexit.

Although the Prime Minister insists no EU national would have to leave in March 2019, the policy paper states those from the continent without British citizenship must reapply for “settled status” under the proposed regime.

The conversation aroused after it was announced the government equalities office is to examine growing evidence that Europeans in the UK are being illegally prevented from renting or buying properties, getting jobs and booking holidays.

Although the status of EU nationals is yet to be negotiated, Alex, who currently lives in Cambridgeshire, told the LBC presenter he was “not worried” no matter what the outcome.

He said: “If they’re going to say to me ‘you have to go’ then I will have to go, it’s as simple as that.”

Watch the moment that stunned listeners above.