Rosena Allin-Khan responds to Sarah Vines comments on "drunks clogging up A&E"

1 July 2020, 11:47

By Adrian Sherling

The Labour MP who also works as an A&E doctor responded to Sarah Vine's comments about "clogging up A&E".

Ms Vine, the wife of Michael Gove, wrote in the Daily Mail "what better sign that Britain is getting back to normal than a load of Saturday night drunks clogging up A&E?"

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan did two A&E shifts last weekend told James O'Brien her words are "selfish and ill-formed".

Asked to respond to them as if a member of the public had written them, the Shadow Minister for Mental Health said: "It was a rather selfish and ill-informed attitude to have and I'm disappointed that anyone has expressed that view.

"It shows a lack of insight into the deep suffering that has been felt by so many who have lost loved ones, who have been unable to grieve, who have unable to attend funerals.

"It certainly shows absolute disdain for the health workers who are putting their lives at risk in going to work and keep the country safe."

James O'Brien spoke to Dr Rosena Allin-Khan about Sarah Vine's comments
James O'Brien spoke to Dr Rosena Allin-Khan about Sarah Vine's comments. Picture: LBC

She added: "I am worried that there will be a disproportionate amount of people out and about, attending A&E.

"But also, I would say that I have some hope, because our communities have been trying really really hard to socially distance, keep people safe. The majority of people are good and kind people in this country.

"I hope that when they do go out on Saturday night, if they choose to go out, they bear in mind the importance of keeping one another safe and they do socially distance."