"Lockdown was too late": James O'Brien's caller that left listeners in tears

23 June 2020, 16:07

By Fiona Jones

This caller told James O'Brien that Boris Johnson's delay in locking down the UK led to his daughter's death - she had Down's Syndrome and an immediate DNR.

Caller John from Edgware tragically lost his daughter Susie to Covid-19 on 28 March and himself has an incurable cancer.

He remarked that the government officially locked the UK down far too late on 23 March and five days later his daughter died.

"She was disabled, she had Down's Syndrome, she had an immediate DNR," John said.

"After weeks and weeks of obfuscation, of misinformation, of blatant dishonesty in some cases at these daily conferences, I've now got this guy telling me that in four weeks' time, it's fine, you can go out, don't worry about what the cancer consultants tell you," John said, referring to the Health Secretary's announcement on Monday that shielding will be "paused" from August 1.

James did not think that Matt Hancock was telling shielders to ignore medical advice and John said therein lies the problem as no one is sure.

John believed the confusion has been "deliberate all the way along the line" as it means no one can "point the finger" at them.

"So many people have died like my poor Susie has died unnecessarily because there wasn't a plan, there's never been a plan. I honestly think the only plan was herding immunity, I still believe that," John said.

James told John he must listen to his doctors not the politicians.

"I wouldn't trust Boris Johnson or any of his kakistocracy any further than I could pick my house up and throw it down the road," John said.