Sadiq Khan: How My Own Experience Of Stop And Search Is Helping Fight Knife Crime

28 June 2019, 07:08 | Updated: 28 June 2019, 07:37

Sadiq Khan told the State of London debate that he is using his own experience of Stop and Search to help reduce

Speaking to James O'Brien in front of a big audience at the Indigo at the O2, he revealed he was stopped and searched as a child.

The Mayor of London said the incident it informed his views on stop and search and he now wants to change the relationship between BAME people and the police.

Sadiq Khan at the State of London debate
Sadiq Khan at the State of London debate. Picture: LBC

When James asked if he was ever stopped and searched when he was younger, he responded: "I was and that's where my experiences of Stop and Search come from.

"When I was growing up, if a police officer came down the road, you'd cross over the road, you knew what was going to happen. They would stop people who looked like me. Stop and search you and empty your pockets out, often rude.

"It meant that if tomorrow, the police asked me for their assistance, I would be reluctant to do so.

"We have tried to change that relationship between young people, particularly young black, minority ethnic Londoners, and the police."