Sadiq Put On Spot By James Over Labour Leadership

16 August 2016, 11:50 | Updated: 26 August 2016, 14:53

Watch as James O'Brien gives London Mayor Sadiq Khan a proper grilling over why he won't publicly back Jeremy Corbyn or Owen Smith.

"There is a leadership campaign underway at the moment," said James as he was joined by Sadiq this morning. "For the most powerful Labour politician in the country not to publicly declare support for one candidate or another is a little odd."

James shook his head as Sadiq said he wouldn't "get involved in providing a running commentary."

"I don't want a running commentary," said the LBC presenter. "I just want you to pick a horse.

"You're a voter and a citizen as well, you must have a preference. You know these men better than most people in the city do. Why should we look to you for a steer on who we should want to be leading the Labour party?"

The Mayor of London responded: "Let me tell you the conundrum. Every time, if I was to do so, every time I did an interview subsequently...I'd be asked about the internal runnings of the Labour party.

"Of course I am going to vote in the Labour leadership contest - "

James popped in again: "Who for?", but Sadiq continued without answering that either.

However Khan did guarantee that he would go public with his support closer to the vote: "When it comes to that stage of course I'll be saying publicly what my intentions are."