'You cannot fully social distance in a class of 30,' school governor warns

5 November 2020, 14:07

By Sam Sholli

As England enters a second national lockdown, this chair of school governors warns that there are children that won't be able to fully social distance while learning.

John from Nottingham's warning comes as schools, colleges, universities, nurseries are staying open during the second lockdown,

John told James O'Brien: "I'm chair of governors at a junior school and I think there's a risk-benefit balance that I'm sure the Government isn't looking at.

"I'm sure they're looking at it from the political optics and the economics [standpoint]."

Speaking of the decision to schools open, he said: "In terms of the psychological and pastoral benefit to the children, it's huge...School is safe place for them from this nasty outside world where everybody is talking about Covid all the time.

"They get to mix with their friends and socialise and that's a huge benefit.

"However, the risk is, and as you're last caller quite rightly said, you cannot fully social distance in a classroom of 30..."

He added: "So there's a huge risk and the risk is getting bigger all the time, and I think that's the balance that the Government should be looking at.

"When that risk tips over too far, then we've got to close the schools."