"You're talking undiluted twaddle!": Pro-Brexit Caller Leaves James O'Brien Bewildered

28 August 2019, 14:26

A caller said that the Remain campaign's leaflets made them vote to leave the EU, and James O'Brien just can't understand it.

Anthony from Colchester called LBC to say that a Remain campaign leaflet made him vote to leave the EU, but left James O'Brien a little confused.

He said: "We voted for what was on that leafl-"

James intervened, asking the caller: "So you voted to leave because of what the Remain campaign said?"

Anthony replied: "The leaflet had on it the options of what we would be leaving with if we chose to leave.

"We all know what they were, to leave the EU, to stop paying into the corrupt stuff."

The caller went on to claim that nobody would create a hard border in Northern Ireland.

It came during a heated debate about Boris Johnson's plan to suspend parliament, in what some MPs and commentators think is an attempt to silence parliament over a no-deal Brexit.