Tearful Mum Tells James O'Brien How Technology Has Ruined Her Son's Life

23 November 2017, 12:22

A heartbroken Mum rang James O'Brien to talk about her son's addiction to his phone has turned him into an isolated and violent individual who was suspended from school for sending explicit photos of himself.

During a conversation about how to keep children safe online, James took a phone call from a tearful Mum who spoke about her teenage son who is so protective of his phone that he will hit her if she tries to take it off him.

She told James that any attempt to stop him from accessing his phone or the internet was met with resistance. She went on to explain to a sympathetic James that if she turns the internet off her son will run away from home and live with a girl he has met online.

When James asked if there was anything she could do, she spoke of her anguish that her son's phone has so many pins and filters on it that "I can't physically access anything".

She told James that she was concerned that she couldn't see who her son was talking to, "is he in touch with criminal gangs" or worse.

James listened as she told him how she'd become so desperate that she had even contacted her local MP for help.