The 15-year-old listeners said should stand in for James O'Brien

24 August 2020, 12:36 | Updated: 24 August 2020, 12:40

By Seán Hickey

This secondary school student weighed in on the schools and exams controversy, which had listeners demanding he fills in for James O'Brien while he's on holiday.

Isaac phoned in from Leicestershire to give his two pence on who is at fault for confusion around schools reopening amid the coronavirus crisis.

The student told James O'Brien that the first person to blame for the fiasco is Gavin Williamson.

"I feel like he's not been very interested, he's been pretty disenfranchised I guess. I don't think he's done much to help the situation and give out advice- last week's exam fiasco just went to prove it," said Isaac, which greatly impressed James.

"The second person is Matt Hancock: giving us no advice. Possibly the worst Health Secretary our country's had in years."

James joked that such a title is a toss-up between a few candidates. "Do you remember Andrew Lansley?" he asked the 15-year-old.

Isaac then offered his view on what schools can do to reopen safely. "It's not very often I agree with Michael Gove - he's possibly the worst Education Secretary we've had in years."

James couldn't hold back his smile when telling the student to "stop holding back," in his criticism of politicians.

Isaac went on to explain that Mr Gove's suggestion of "staggered returns, staggered entry, staggered break, staggered lunch," are all well and good, but the measures can't work effectively in all schools.

"I will be going back next week," he told James after being pushed. James wondered if Isaac was "confident and comfortable," in returning despite the risks. The student told him he was "very comfortable with it."

James was wholly impressed by the call, asking Isaac if he missed school during the pandemic. The reply was a convincing "no."