The Content Of Theresa May's Speech Was Disgusting, Says James O'Brien

24 May 2019, 15:25

James O'Brien laid into Theresa May for her use of Sir Nicholas Winton in her resignation speech, labelling it "disgusting".

In her statement, the Prime Minister spoke of meeting Sir Nicholas Winton, the man who saved countless refugees from the Nazis.

But James pointed out Mrs May did nothing to help child refugees, breaking promises to help them.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "The content of the speech I'm afraid was disgusting.

To cite Sir Nicholas Winton, who dedicated an astonishing period of his life to helping child refugees escape the Nazis, to cite him in defence of her conduct in office a period in which child refugees have been abandoned and promises to Alf Dubs, himself a beneficiary of the Kindertransport, have been broken.

"And yet she cited this man, Sir Nicholas Winton, in defence of her position and then she dared to talk of compromise?

James O&squot;Brien labelled May&squot;s speech "disgusting"
James O'Brien labelled May's speech "disgusting". Picture: LBC / PA

"Compromise is the polar opposite, rhetorically speaking, of the will of the people. As I've said to you now for three years, which people? Because if you're talking about compromise, you've got to be talking about the 48 percent of the population and not just the 52 percent.

"I couldn't quite believe my ears. But the more the dust has settled, the more incredulous my ears have become."