"There Is No Truth": Caller Leaves James O'Brien Astounded

30 August 2019, 11:51 | Updated: 30 August 2019, 11:53

Another caller who admitted he likes being lied to by Boris Johnson has left James O'Brien perplexed.

Duff from Tooting began the call by explaining why he think Boris Johnson lying about the prorogation of parliament "is actually a good thing".

James quizzed the caller about why they felt this way. They responded: "I think the context justifies the lie, because ultimately for two years we haven't accomplished anything on Brexit."

Interrupting the caller, James saying it's "because the truth is more difficult than a lie", and the caller replied by claiming that "there is no truth".

He continued: "Of course there is truth. Of course there has been truth, like you cannot accommodate Theresa May's red lines and the Good Friday Agreement.

"Simple truth. Ergo, the backstop becomes an obstacle which will be insuperable unless they come up with a technological solution that currently doesn't exist.

He ended the call, saying: "Press pause, rewind, listen back to what you just said, and weep."