"When I Got A Job At The Car Wash, There Was No Queue To Jump"

20 November 2018, 12:25

This immigrant had a brilliant turn of phrase to describe why Theresa May is wrong to label EU residents moving to Britain as "jumping the queue".

The Prime Minister used the term during her speech yesterday at the CBI as she started prioritising immigration from the Commonwealth over the European Union.

James was angry with her comments, labelling her a "middle-class racist".

And then he got this call from Bela, which really stuck in his mind. Bela said: "This one I feel very strongly about from what I heard from the Prime Minister, saying that we're jumping the queue.

"I would like to explain to her how we've jumped the queue.

"I came to the country around nine and a half years ago with nothing. I used to be homeless. I slept on the streets for around three months, until I had my first job.

"My first job was in the car wash. When I went to the car wash to take this job, there was no queue to jump.

"My second job was in a restaurant, washing dishes and floors. When I went there, there was no queue as well.

"I've done all of the low-paid, unwanted jobs. That was how it started.

James loved Bela's phrase on his jobs
James loved Bela's phrase on his jobs. Picture: LBC

"I've made it now and I have a very, very decent life and I'm very, very happy in this country.

"I'm just really unhappy with the way people think that we come here and we take what is theirs. We take what is available. We don't take what is theirs."

Listeners loved Bela's brilliant line: