This Brexit Call Took A Surreal Turn Leaving James O'Brien Exasperated

18 June 2019, 16:22 | Updated: 18 June 2019, 20:41

This call about Brexit took a surreal turn when the caller started to blame the state of British politics on politicians and drugs.

During a debate over a new survey of Conservative Party members which revealed 61% are in favour of Brexit it even if it caused “significant damage to the economy," Peter called in to have his say.

James asked the caller if he thinks the "true needs of the British people will be better met after significant damage to the UK economy?"

"They could be, they could be," the caller replied.

James shot back asking "you think that we'll be able to do a better job of looking after the people in this country if we're poorer?"

He told James O'Brien he thinks the UK will be much better off "socially, morally and in many other respects" when it is not in the EU.

When James O'Brien asked him to give an example the caller suggested "housing."

The caller said: "In 1997 the population of this country was 54 million."

"Are we going immigration?" James asked.

The caller came back and said he wasn't against immigrants.

"Just the ones who live in houses," James said.

Peter told James the country could "stop spending what we are spending with the European Union." 

When James asked him about the economic analysis behind his points the caller came back with an unusual comment.

"Quite honestly, with the governments that we've had, the load of dope heads we've had of recent years."

James asked which politicians the caller liked and his reply was that too many people were influenced by the drugs that they've taken.

Asking the caller to clarify his point James said: "Just to be clear you blame the state of British politicians on the drugs that the politicians have taken."

Peter replied with "and many others."

Jame's O'Brien couldn't take any more, throwing his hands up in exasperation and stopping the call.

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.