This caller can't explain to James O'Brien why she's 'turned against' Meghan Markle

10 January 2020, 14:45

This is the moment James O'Brien challenged a caller who simply couldn't explain why she turned against Meghan Markle.

The caller January said that "in the beginning we all embraced her" and if you cherry-pick the media's "click-bait" articles then you may form a negative opinion of the Duchess of Sussex.

James asked her where she got her opinion of the royal family from and January conceded that she still reads the papers.

"You're claiming that Meghan is bullied - have we forgotten that Camilla Parker-Bowles went through the exact same thing?" January said, "if not worse. She was pilloried."

"Camilla Parker-Bowles was perceived as breaking up Prince Charles and Diana's marriage," said James, "so if I said why have people taken against Camilla Parker-Bowles and you rang up said well she was Prince Charles' mistress, she's the reason why we have our first ever divorced monarch, I'd go that's a good reason."

James pushed January repeatedly to answer why she thinks Meghan is treated so poorly by the press if not for sexist and racist reasons.

When January changed tack and said it was in fact Harry's fault, James asked if she was going to "pretend she didn't say" Meghan left a bad taste in her mouth.

She said Meghan had not been badly treated and what put a "bad taste in her mouth" was their behaviour in the South Africa documentary which she accused the Sussexes of making all about themselves after they were asked how they felt about the press.

James responded, "So when Tom Bradby said to her in the documentary you refer to how are you feeling, what should she have said, I don't want to answer questions like that? God you're right, you've got me January, you're too clever for me."