This caller's story is so heartbreaking LBC listeners offer to help

13 November 2019, 14:52 | Updated: 13 November 2019, 18:01

This caller tells James O'Brien her heartbreaking story about how illness has left her and her family in poverty, which led listeners to offer financial help.

Chloe told James how she unfortunately got ME, a chronic condition, a few years ago meaning she's had to leave her job as did her husband to become her full-time carer.

"We have all the benefits we're entitled to and it just doesn't cover it, it doesn't cover living," she said, "as soon as you have the most minor of issues, everything falls to pieces."

Chloe said she's ended up owing money to energy companies, the council, fellow parents; and when her radiator started leaking it took "every penny we could beg and borrow."

James sympathised that we have no control over our health so there is nothing she can do.

"It could happen to literally anybody," said Chloe.

James asked how close she was to the food bank and Chloe said they are "very very close."

"At the moment we're choosing between food and fuel. We cannot buy any Christmas presents for the children," she said, in tears.

James referenced an earlier caller, Ryan, who explained why there should be no shame attached to seeking out a food bank; however he said he'd be like Chloe and thinking he can't.

Chloe said she didn't know how she got here.

"You know how you got here, bad luck Chloe, that's all," said James, "bad luck. Anyone can have bad luck just as anyone can have good luck."

Chloe said she didn't understand why others couldn't understand what she is going through.

James, powerfully, told her that people can they just may not have the biggest platforms or the loudest voices, but are wishing her love.

He said that while it may seem that nobody understands her plight and everyone may hate her for her condition, "we live in a society that isn't actually like that. We've just allowed the people who are like that a temporary stint in the driving seat but we'll get them out again and you'll be alright."

Chloe said she understands why people don't necessarily like Jeremy Corbyn, but do look as "the only hope we have."