Tory caller 'almost speechless' hotels have been 'kept in the dark' over quarantine plan

4 February 2021, 13:01

By Fiona Jones

This Conservative Party member told James O'Brien he was "almost speechless" that hotels have been reportedly "kept in the dark" over the UK's quarantine plan.

Chief of the UK Best Western chain, who stated he has been "kept in the dark", also made multiple offers to help the Government with isolation plans and is yet to receive a response.

Caller John, a member of the Conservative Party, told James: "I thought they would say we've got this respiratory disease, we need to think about ventilators and what can happen next and what can happen next.

"I'm almost speechless today that they haven't got hotels lined up in case they have to push the button marked quarantine."

John told James that he pays in to the party each month and has "desperately tried" not to become claim critically that he could have done it better.

He said that every issue that occurs in the Government's Covid response "comes as a big surprise whether it's school meals, whether it's tracking."

James agreed, cited the NHS Test and Trace chief Dido Harding who stated yesterday that 20,000 people a day are refusing to self-isolate.

John told James that public confidence could wane: "This business of apparently not being able to join the dots between saying something...and then suddenly you discover nobody's spoken to [hoteliers.] It's just good enough."

Boris Johnson announced the new hotel quarantine measures in January, which would see UK nationals and residents arriving into the country from 22 ‘Covid hotspots’ would have to isolate in government-approved hotels upon their return.

A date is yet to be given on the commencement of the measure.