Tory MP Calls James O'Brien To Try To Explain Why Brexit Is A Good Thing

8 March 2018, 12:31 | Updated: 8 March 2018, 12:54

A Brexit-supporting Conservative MP called James O'Brien to try to tell him why leaving the European Union will benefit us - but it didn't go well.

Marcus Fysh, the MP for Yeovil, told James that Australia's trade deal with the US worked out better than they expected.

James was left exasperated after the conversation with the elected official.

Mr Fysh said: "Things in the medium term will be approximately where they are now."

When James asked about the short-term, Mr Fysh admitted: "Some things will be a bit less than they are now and some will be a bit more."

James O'Brien spoke to Conservative MP Marcus Fysh
James O'Brien spoke to Conservative MP Marcus Fysh. Picture: LBC

The MP gave an example: "The Aussies when they did their free trade agreement with the US vastly underestimated what it would be worth to them. They've actually seen their trade increase by 50%."

Afterwards, James summed up the conversation: "If I was to annotate what you told me, the reasons to be cheerful you've given me are Australia's trade deal is better than they expected. That's what you've got?

"What do you do now?

"We're walking away. Both sides now concede, his own Prime Minister concedes it's going to do us economic damage.

"Where are the pluses? 'Well America signed a trade deal with Australia and it's gone a bit better than some people predicted.

"I'm looking for reasons to be cheerful and doing a trade deal with a country who have just announced a trade war is not top of my list."