“This Is Trashing Lives” Caller Furious At Brexit Impact On Personal Lives

Caller rails against Brexit supporters who wave away problems while the rights of people from Europe who have made lives in Britain hang in the balance.

Rob in Gravesend said he’s watched people he knows facing huge anxiety because they don’t know if they can stay in the UK where they’ve made lives.

“People’s lives are being trashed by this! I’ve seen Greg in work in tears at this because of the uncertainty.”

He thinks that the message from the leave camp is that the country doesn’t care about these people. He made his feelings very clear.

“People, believe it or not James, do care. I care!

“I care about my country and I’m also a European citizen because that’s what it says on my passport and no government can take away what should be mine by right.”

Rob could see no benefit from leaving the EU and expressed his anger at people who “persist in this belief that Brexit is going to be fine on the night.”

“This is the like the decline and fall of Rome,” was Rob’s dire prediction. “We live in this world of post-truth and we don’t face up to our realities.”

James left Rob with a simple message.

“Just hang in there Rob. Look after Greg and let him know there’s lots of people like you around. Maybe more than on the other side.”