Union member explains to James O'Brien why he voted for Boris Johnson

13 December 2019, 16:45 | Updated: 14 December 2019, 12:19

A union member has told James O'Brien why he couldn't bring himself to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the general election.

Scott, a factory worker from Birmingham, told the LBC presenter "the IRA connection" is why he couldn't face voting for Jeremy Corbyn over his alleged support for the terror group during the Troubles.

He said: "He just doesn't represent me mate. I know there's a lot of propaganda that's on social media anthe likes and whatnot, but it's the IRA connection for me.

"I'm from Birmingham, and lot of people miss this, but no-one represented us for the justice for the 21 - the people who died in Birmingham at the hands of the IRA. No-one's really ever given us any justice."

The caller was referencing the 1974 bombings in the centre of Birmingham, where 21 people lost their lives and the perpetrators are yet to be found.

It signalled a dramatic escalation of IRA activity in Britain and within days of the attack the terror group was proscribed by the UK government.

The Mulberry Bush pub was one of the targets in the attacks
The Mulberry Bush pub was one of the targets in the attacks. Picture: PA Images

Scott continued: "It didn't sit with my moral compass to let him represent me and I'll be honest with you - there are a lot of people in Birmingham who feel the same way.

"I work for Jaguar Land Rover - staunch Labour position - everybody is Labour but I'd say it was 5 to 1 Conservative.

"We don't want Boris mate, but we had no choice, what was there for us to vote? You want me to vote Farage? I ain't voting for that bigot."

The caller, who confirmed he was a union member, went on to explain he felt people of his opinion were unrepresented at the election and the exit poll showing a huge majority for the Conservatives "broke my heart".