James O'Brien wears his facemask on-air to prove to caller it's not a big deal

20 July 2020, 13:46

By Adrian Sherling

When this caller said she wouldn't wear a facemask while shopping, James put his own mask on to prove it's not a big deal.

Nicky from Chelmsford called LBC to defend a previous caller, Lauren, who had come under fire for saying she did not want to wear a mask while shopping.

She insisted that she loves shopping but would simply not go to the shops if it meant having to wear a facemask, having said she tried it and it was a "miserable experience".

As she was talking about how disappointing it currently is to go shopping, James slipped his own mask out of his pocket and slid the hoops over his ears.

James asked her if she'd be able to guess at which point he had put the mask on during the conversation - and she had no idea!

James O'Brien wore his facemask to show it's not a big deal
James O'Brien wore his facemask to show it's not a big deal. Picture: LBC

"I think I've just made a very, very powerful point, Nicky," he said, "but I've got no idea what it is.

"Remember I talk for a living and that's what heats the mask up. But it's fine."

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