Welsh First Minister explains to James O'Brien why Wales' test and trace works

23 September 2020, 15:19

By Fiona Jones

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford explains to James O'Brien why Wales's test and trace system works while England's has experienced many issues - something LBC has uncovered.

The probe, exclusively conducted by LBC, found there were no tests available for the top 10 coronavirus hotspots in England.

Following this LBC found only two of the 48 Covid-19 hotspots in England had tests available for people trying to book via the government website last Wednesday.

Today in Prime Minister's Questions Sir Keir Starmer accused Boris Johnson being "out of touch" on the issue of coronavirus testing in schools and branded England's test and trace system "a total mess."

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James asked the First Minister how Wales' test and trace system is, conversely, so successful.

Mr Drakeford said, "The crucial difference for us is our team is not employed by a privatised, national outfit, they are all locally based.

"If you need to speak to somebody, you're speaking to somebody who speaks in a voice that you understand, who knows the place you live in, who can give you good advice, and it's a trust-based system."

He told James Wales is contacting "over 90%" of people who have come into contact with those who have the virus.

"A trust-based system is working for us in Wales," he said.

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