What EU Law Are You Desperate To Lose? "The Ban On Henry Hoovers"

30 January 2018, 15:00 | Updated: 31 January 2018, 09:37

This caller told James O'Brien he can't wait for Britain to get its freedom back and get rid of the restrictive EU laws. So which law is he desperate to repeal?

Mark retired and moved to France and believes Britain will get more flexibility as we can set our own laws.

James asked which laws he was looking forward to getting rid of.

After failing to answer the question several times, Mark finally said: "The law from Europe telling me I can't use a Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner because it uses a bit too much energy.

"Rather a waste of resource. Rather a waste of money."

James O'Brien and a Henry Hoover
James O'Brien and a Henry Hoover. Picture: LBC / Creative Commons

James responded to his answer: "That's it?

"So when I say I can't move to France like you can, you'll turn to me and say 'Yeah, but you can still use a hoover back in Britain'.

The EU law banned the sale of vacuum cleaners over 900W. A Henry Hoover uses 690W.