Why Do People Still Book Digby Jones, Asks James O'Brien

13 February 2019, 12:43

James O'Brien said Lord Digby Jones had been proven wrong so many times, he wonders how he still gets so much air-time on TV.

As the CEO of Ford told the Prime Minister they would move production out of the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit, video has emerged of Lord Jones explaining how the CEO of Ford would react to Brexit.

That follows his claim that he always said Brexit would be bad for the economy, despite often being quoted saying the opposite.

And now James has asked why producers are still booking him to give his opinion.

James had some strong words for Lord Digby Jones
James had some strong words for Lord Digby Jones. Picture: PA / LBC

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "Digby Jones wanders into a room, tells himself he's clever and isn't clever enough to realise how dumb he actually is. Which is an astonishing gift.

"What he reinforces his utterly utterly bogus sense of superiority with is... the geography of his birth.

"He sits there and thinks 'What do you need to win these negotiations?' Answer 'You need to be British, because the other fellow is a Frenchman."

After playing a clip of Lord Jones talking about Brexit, James continued: "How can somebody like that still be in the public sphere?

"We know how what the boss of Ford has said to the Prime Minister, he's said that if there's a no-deal Brexit, they would move production out of Britain.

"But he said then 'I know I'm right'. And producers are still phoning up clowns like this and asking them for comment."