Why Do People Hate Refugees? James Reads Out Daily Mail Front Pages

3 April 2017, 11:07 | Updated: 4 April 2017, 07:24

After the Daily Mail labelled the people who brutally beat an asylum seeker in Croydon as "SAVAGES", James O'Brien reads out a selection of Daily Mail front pages that led to people hating refugees.

James said there is a very clear reason why the British public have turned against refugees.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Just a selection of front pages from The Mail, The Sun- just The Mail and The Sun actually, which is significant because they are by far the two best-selling newspapers in the country.

Daily Mail The Sun front pages

"Migrants chunnel stroll to asylum in Britain.

"Britain's Broken Borders.

"PM: Why we must not take 3,000 migrant children.

"Exodus: three million UK workers are now foreign.

"Europe, the real crisis.

"One million more migrants are on the way.

"How Blair cynically let in 2million migrants.

"Wad a waste.

"Migrant Mr Big.

"The great migrant con.

"We're stuffed.

"Anarchy near the UK.

"Pull the other one, Dave.

"Surrender on illegal migrants.

"National handout service.

"Pole chancers.

"Jungle warfare.

"Great migrant swindle.

"Brits not fair.

"Crushing verdict on open door migration.

"Deadly cost of our open borders.

"1.6 million migrants from the EU settle in Britain.

"Betrayal of white people. Warning on UK Muslim ghettos.

"Migrants smuggled to UK for just £100.

"Osborne's 3million migrant bombshell.

"Migrant workers blow to Cameron.

"And that, as everyone listening to this knows, will be the tip of the iceberg. So really, if young people in Britain are persuaded tha migrants or asylum seekers or refugees or all of the above are somehow deserving of contempt and abuse, I'm not sure we get to sit here really and wonder why."