The Yorkshireman stranded in China is back on LBC with a coronavirus update

7 February 2020, 14:58 | Updated: 24 February 2020, 07:23

The Yorkshireman who is stuck in lockdown in China due to the coronavirus gave James O'Brien an update of how things are getting more and more desperate in the country.

Luke won the hearts of LBC listeners with his hilarious take on being stranded in China because of the deadly supervirus.

James O'Brien spoke to him again this week - and it was as joyous as the week before.

He revealed that things are getting worse, with people blocking the entrances to their flats with mattresses to keep everyone else out.

He's now hoping to escape the country tomorrow, having booked flights to Thailand. But he has no idea whether he's going to be able to get out - or if he'll be kept in quarantine when he gets there.

He even had a beautiful take on Phillip Schofield's announcement, which only made James like him even more.

James O'Brien's reaction to Luke's call on coronavirus
James O'Brien's reaction to Luke's call on coronavirus. Picture: LBC

It was a wonderfully entertaining update into the coronavirus story in China and listeners loved Luke's call.

Watch the full call at the top of the page.