Katie Loses It At Caller Who Claimed One Of Lee Rigby's Killers Was A "Nice Guy"

16 April 2017, 11:12 | Updated: 16 April 2017, 12:44

This caller phoned Katie Hopkins to say that Lee Rigby's killer was a nice man before he killed the soldier - she was not having ANY of it.

Asif phone Katie to say she should stop criticising an Imam who was ruled an 'extremist' by the High Court - because he wouldn't receive the same criticism for his comments if he wasn't a Muslim.

The conversation soon escalated when the caller said that he had met one of Lee Rigby's killers before the soldier's murder - telling Katie he was a "nice guy". 

The conversation soon escalated when Asif refused to answer Katie's question about the consequences of what he said. 

Katie asked him: "Do you not see how that might inflame tensions rather?"

He refused to answer and the call became heated. 

He finally went on to say: "You can't debate with me. You have to bring out these answers. I'll have a debate with you, you couldn't even debate with me for two minutes...If I met someone. I'll, i'll answer your question...If I met someone today, and you asked me, you met somebody for an example...And I said to you that when I met him, he seemed like a nice person. And that's it. That's my conversation ended because that was when I met him."

Katie was fuming.

She said: "OK. That is not answering my question. That is not returning to me, what do you think people will think if you describe the killer of Lee Rigby as a "nice guy"?  And I can tell you one thing, Asif, for the record, I am sick with hearing 'he was a nice guy'.  

"I am fed up with hearing 'he was a good guy down at the mosque, he kept himself to himself'. I am fed up with people like you, Asif, telling me 'well he was a promising footballer, he was a straight A student, he was really good at GCSEs, he was a really good whatever'.  

"I don't care. I do not judge you by what you were like down at the mosque, by what your mum thinks about you, by what the fact that your aunt is surprised at what happened.  

"I judge people on their actions, and if you kill Lee Rigby, you are not a nice guy. If you slaughter people on Westminster Bridge, you were never a good man.  

"And I don't care if as mother, you never realised your son was capable of that, because that frankly just means that you are bad mother.  

"And I don't care if you're son was an inspired and hoping to be a footballer, because frankly I don't give a monkeys how he could kick a ball around a playing field.  

"I care about his actions. And the actions of terrorists, are those of terror. And they will never be a nice guy.  

"So, Asif if you want to come back on the show again, you better get some arguments sorted out. Stop repeating yourself, and stop telling me the killer of Lee Rigby might have been a nice guy, because I'm not going to hear it."