Katie Hopkins: Do Not Force-feed Islam To Our Children

16 April 2017, 10:39 | Updated: 16 April 2017, 14:00

Katie Hopkins wants schoolchildren to stop visiting Mosques - this is why.

The LBC Presenter was left reeling when she heard that a group of primary schoolchildren went on a trip to meet an Islamic preacher, just months after the High Court ruled the imam an ‘extremist’ who had ‘promoted and encouraged religious violence’.

She told her listeners that she herself had stopped her children going on trips to Mosques because they had not been to visit any other religious establishments. 

She said: "We are still sending school trips to Mosques, to religious establishments, that are led by Islamic extremists. Now I'm thinking about one particular example that's in the news today, but then thinking about my own experiences with my children. 

"I'm sure many of you will understand where I am coming from when I now say that I have stopped my children visiting Mosques. My children will now no longer visit Mosques on any school trip. 

"I understand part of the national curriculum is helping children to understand that we have 'British values, tolerance of people of different faiths and beliefs that's important for children to learn about different religions'.

"I absolutely think that is correct. However, on the fourth school trip to the Mosque, I drew the line. When my daughter came home and told me she had to go to a different part of the Mosque than the rest of the boys in her class, and cover up her head, I drew the line. 

"I am happy for my children to go to Mosques, but I'm not happy for them to be treated differently to the boys, and I will not have them go repetitively until they have also been to a Synagogue perhaps, or a Christian centre, or any other faith group. 

"I expect to see balance myself. I am a tolerant individual, many of you will fall off your kitchen stools at that, but I am extremely intolerant of being force-fed one faith."

She added: "Have we forgotten to teach Christianity in UK schools?"

Katie went on to explain further about the example she was referring to. Watch the clip above to see what she has to say.