Katie Hopkins: 'Full-Time Mummy' Is Not A Job

15 April 2017, 11:54 | Updated: 15 April 2017, 12:54

Katie Hopkins says stay-at-home mothers need to stop saying their job is a "full-time mummy" - because it is not a job.

While covering for Saturday morning LBC Presenter Matt Frei, Katie Hopkins was speaking about divorce and what is "fair".

That's when she got onto the topic of stay-at-home mothers demanding 50 per cent or more in a divorce settlement.

Katie says that some defend demanding the same as their partners - who are earning - because their job is a "full-time-mummy".

She does not think this is a job.

Katie said: "Where does fair sit on a divorce? Is 50/50 fair? Are you like another lady who said that 'you want your children to visit their dads a nice flat, so you don't want to take it all'?  

"Or are you like Daniel who's doing everything and therefore afterwards he would expect to still things be split 50/50 because he seems like such a nice guy?  

"Or do you feel like, actually women are having a bit of a laugh? That it is not a job, it is not a job to stay at home and look after children. 

"I cannot stand people on Facebook, I'm not on Facebook, but who put 'full-time-mummy'. Big news! 'Full-time-mummy' is not a job.  

"'Full-time-mummy' actually equals 'I'm unemployed'. A job is where you go to work, you do a job, you perform in an adult society, and then you come home and take over from your childcare.  

"You're outsourced to a nanny. That's childcare. Being a 'full-time-mummy' - not a job. So quit with that title. It just means that you didn't get your act together, you didn't get out, and you didn't get to work.  

"What you pretty much do is resign yourself to a whole lifetime of doing school runs, going to coffee with the mums from school, leaving the coffee morning, and then going back and doing the school pick up, and then picking up spaghetti hoops off the floor. 

"I don't think that means you should get 50 per cent. Sue me. Actually don't sue me, that's happened quite enough."