Katie Hopkins Heralds Trump's Election

13 November 2016, 11:07 | Updated: 13 November 2016, 11:32

Katie Hopkins heralds the election of Donald Trump in this blinding monologue.

Talking on her LBC show she said that the election of the Republican candidate was an uprising by the people against the establishment.

“I believe this was a real moment for democracy, I believe this was a real moment for the people.”

“This is where the people rose up against the establishment and made the establishment realise, the establishment works for the people the people do not work for it and whilst he used bombastic rhetorical during his campaign.”

“I joined him on the campaign trail. I joined him at the Republican convention. I saw that behind that what mattered to people was policy and detail.”

“Clinton campaigned on sex and what chromosome, you may or may not have. She campaigned on race and whether you were Hispanic or not just having a Spanish speaking vice president as if that was going to patronize people into voting she campaigned on your colour, whether you are black or whether you are white, those things you're born with.”

“Trump campaigns on policy, he said we will respect the Second Amendment and your right to bear arms. He said we will make sure the supreme court has a conservative judge, so we do not have liberal lefties making laws and legislation, he said he would control migration into this country, America rather, to protect jobs in America and he said he would deport felons and he would make new trade partnership to secure jobs and if you spent any time if the media had spent any time outside of New York and L.A.”

“But they’re too damn lazy to get out into rural America. Out into the countryside, out into the rust belt to Charlotte to places where people live in poverty, white Americans feel forgotten, they would know why Donald Trump was going to win so when posters would have seen why they were wrong, commentators would have seen why they were wrong and they would have acknowledged Trump is the right man for the job.”

“I’m proud that he has got that position. I'm proud to be one of his supporters and I believe he will make America great again it's time to acknowledge he won and it's time to move forward.”