Katie Hopkins: Madeleine McCann Will Never Come Home

26 February 2017, 11:31 | Updated: 27 February 2017, 13:39

Katie Hopkins On McCanns

"Maddie wasn't lost because somebody took her, Maddie was lost because she was left to be found" says Katie Hopkins.

On her Sunday morning LBC show Katie Hopkins had something to get off her chest about missing Madeleine McCann.

She told her listeners: "You know it seems to me, it's one of those subjects you've never been allowed to speak about, we're not really allowed, in my personal view, to speak about Maddie McCann.  

"When I used to write for a different newspaper, I often asked to speak about Maddie, write about Maddie, and I was never allowed. I was told I wouldn't be taking the story forwards.  And finally after campaigning at the Mail, I was allowed to write about Maddie and my belief that...Maddie is never coming home.

"In my opinion, Maddie will never be found. You know for me, I believe, no amount of money and no amount of libel action will ever cancel out the damage that the McCanns have brought and inflicted upon themselves.  

"I've always said, you know, I don't believe we should have spent £11 million pounds, for example, to look for Maddie. And I do not believe we've seen an equal treatment. 

"A man was charged for leaving his daughter in a car for two minutes while he raced into a chemist to get Calpol for her and he was charged with that offence.  

"And I do believe if the McCanns had come from a council estate, you know we would have seen them treated very differently to the way that they have been treated over this.  

"I still see Kate McCann's face being used to front up, you know, campaigns to help find children when they're lost, which of course is something we'd all support, but I find it very difficult to offer support when it's Kate McCann's face that's standing up as the concerned mother looking for missing children.  

"It seems to me that she's the very opposite person to use. I believe that was one of the least successful campaigns of all times. It strikes me the BBC, for example, were in on it as well.  

"You know they have the Crimewatch programme for the McCanns where they release new photofit. Photofits that the McCanns have been sitting on for five years because they didn't want to release them at the time. 

"It strikes me, speaking very openly here on national radio, live on the radio, that the McCanns were the ones that put their children in harm's way, they were the ones that went out for dinner and left their children without a babysitter.  

"For me I've always said the blame must sit with Kate and Gerry McCann. I have no problem with saying that either.

"You know I think when we give birth to children, when I gave birth to my first daughter, I remember waking up that morning, looking over, seeing this tiny little thing in this little cot next to me and thinking oh my gosh A.  'That's mine', you know, B.  'How did that happen?  I'm not old enough or sensible enough to have a baby'.

"You are born that day, you are born yourself, reborn with something called 'The Fear'. You know it's a fear and it's with you every day, every minute, right now as I sit here.  

"The fear.  Are my children safe?  Are they well?  Telling them, reminding them to be careful how you cross the road when we just go to the spar, look left and right at this zebra crossing because the drivers won't stop.  

"It's the fear, it's that time in the supermarket where they're out of your sight for one second, I can feel it now. There's a prickle that comes on your palm, the thought that something bad might happen to your children. That's a feeling every parent knows.  

"My three children still have their little bunnies, you know their little cuddle bunnies, and those bunnies on their beds now, I can see them, I know they're just rags really.  But I know if one of my children were ever taken from me for health or whatever.

"I don't know if I'd go on, but I know I would sleep with that under my pillow every night, every night until I went, or my daughter was found.  You know and I think this is the truth of millions of parents out there across Great Britain. 

"This is the truth that is not spoken about Maddie McCann, and this is why we must all remain and stand strong for Maddie McCann. 

"You know it strikes me that in this instance, Maddie wasn't lost because someone took her. I believe Maddie was lost because she was left to be found.  So thank you for letting me share that."